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Mon don est important


The F.I.S.H. Foundation of Mireille Chéry's mission is to provide a roof and a bed for those in need, through real estate acquisition, supported by its "Covering Yourself" social reintegration program.

To provide housing, social services and mental health care to people living with poverty and homelessness (families, children, men, women and adolescents).

Hope is important for all, but even more so for people who live in precarious situations on a daily basis. The F.I.S.H. Foundation wants to give back hope and wants to tell these people that they are not forgotten and that we desire and will help them.

It is commendable to put a blanket or sleeping bag back in the winter, however the problem persists. It is also honorable to give two or three meals a day and then be forced to put people in the middle of winter in the street for lack of space?

The F.I.S.H. Foundation desires to put in place solutions. Poverty and homelessness must stop! With your involvement, it is possible.

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  • Build solid houses, it's the solution to homelessness... Build solid houses, it's the solution to homelessness...